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Legal assistance may be provided to active members in good standing with the approval of the Legal Committee and the Executive Board. Full aid or a portion thereof is available through the legal fund.

A $1,000 Line of Duty death benefit is currently provided to active members through Association funding.

Benefits and programs offered to all N.J.S.L.E.O.A. members include:

  • N.J.S.L.E.O.A. membership card identifying you as a member of N.J.S.L.E.O.A.
  • An N.J.S.L.E.O.A. die cast metal shield to be displayed on your personal automobile
  • N.J.S.L.E.O.A. memorabilia, including window decals
  • N.J.S.L.E.O.A. travel cards
  • Discount programs for household items, services, etc..
  • Annual subscription to all our publications including LEO Roars..., our newsletter
  • P.C. Richards Discount Program
  • Discounted auto rentals - Hertz
  • Group discounted vacations/cruises
  • Study groups and preparation for advancement testing
  • Speaker forums
  • See-more TV and Applicance Center
  • Child identification programs
  • Extracurricular seasonal events

Eligibility for Membership
Any person who enforces the law of their state and/or the ordinances of any municipality is eligible for active membership in this Association. Locals are chartered when a group of ten or more officers make an application for such a Charter.  Municipalities or agencies of nine or less can make application in an open local.  The acceptance or rejection of members for a Charter is vested in the State Membership Committee with the approval of the State President.  Information regarding Charters is available upon request.

Active Membership
In order to seek active membership, you must be engaged in some facet of law enforcement.  IT NEED NOT BE YOUR PRIMARY MEANS OF EMPLOYMENT! We accept active membership from ALL areas of law enforcement.  Law enforcement officers interested in active membership should return the completed application and initial membership dues of $315.00 to the State Office.  Upon approval of the application and verification of membership status, the State Office will issue an active membership packet. 

***ACTIVE RETIRED are those retired from active duty. 

Associate Membership
An Associate is an individual WHO IS NOT INVOLVED in law enforcement but who supports the ideals and causes of those members who are in law enforcement.  An application request must be made to the State Office, and you must be sponsored by a member.  Those interested should return the completed application and membership dues of $375.00 to the State Office.  Upon approval,  the State Office will issue an associate membership packet.

Membership Form

Our Association holds meetings on the third Tuesday of even months, except August. (click here for directions)

All active members and associates are welcome!

To all New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association Members,

Our association has discount benefits for Dorney Park, Hershey Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, and PC Richard & Son. Members are also eligable to join the Atlantic Federal Credit Union.

Enjoy the parks!